I AM A SPY - - - Although I prefer the title “ Competitive Intelligence Specialist”. (And I don‘t look at all like the picture). It is my job to steal your valuable information. I am collecting it for your enemies - be they political, industrial, government or personal. My clients are your business competitors, political challengers, persons who wish to defame or discredit you and/or your organization. They all wish to do you and or your organization or agency harm.

I really don‘t care much about you personally. For me it‘s just a business. I get paid a considerable amount of money to break the law on behalf of my clients.

I may be a current or prior disgruntled employee, an unscrupulous private investigator, a bribed employee, executive, or co-worker. Maybe I am a member of your office cleaning staff or I might be an occasional visitor. I am disguised as a contractor, estimator, consultant, telephone or computer service technician, or the guy who delivers the bottled water.

My tool bag is small. I can usually carry the equipment that I will use to spy on you in my pocket or in a small compartment in my briefcase. The devices that I install to steal your valuable information are tiny; transmitters and cameras as small as an olive with microphones the size of a grain of rice. And – I will usually need only a few minutes to accomplish my task.

I have a symbiotic relationship with your security department. If my equipment suddenly ceases to produce the required intelligence it tells me that you have likely hired a professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Team and they have discovered my “bugs” or “taps”. They will have to be real professionals to find my equipment. The cheap “pretenders” with their spy shop gadgets and movie props don‘t have a prayer of discovering my stuff. In any event this means that I will get paid, at some future date, to install new equipment. If you do not have periodic “sweeps” performed – remember – I‘ll be back!

Whatever use is made from my “take” is not a concern of mine. My clients will use the information to their best advantage – and to your worst disposition.

I would like to write more for you but time is money and lots of people are keeping me very busy.

Have a really nice day.


The Threat – and It‘s Real

Electronic eavesdropping is not difficult. The technology can be purchased from many local electronics stores or hobby shops. The internet allows anyone to purchase highly sophisticated eavesdropping equipment from anywhere in the world. Recent advances in micro-electronics design have made industrial spying an easy job. With smaller, more efficient devices – microphones the size of a grain of rice and cameras and transmitters smaller than an olive – effective eavesdropping technology is available to anyone.

Many billions of dollars are lost each year by American business due to illegal eavesdropping attacks; personal, political and professional reputations are frequently compromised or even destroyed. Business secrets, important plans, or government contracts could be in jeopardy. No one – no business – no agency is immune to these attacks.

The only effective defense is a professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) program.

There are innumerable methods by which unscrupulous persons can spy on you. Far too many to even itemize here. The movies and late night TV barely scratch the surface. They only show the most basic technology. They need to “keep it simple” because otherwise, the viewing audience, having no background in that technology, would become lost and confused. A great deal of technology – simple to highly sophisticated - exists for the eavesdropper to accomplish his or her task. As your TSCM Team we must match or exceed these capabilities with our experience, our training and our world class equipment.

The eavesdropper has literally hundreds of ways to accomplish his goals. The TSCM team needs to be aware of every one of them if they are to protect your vital information. The person who spends a few hundred – or even several thousand – dollars on equipment – presuming he even reads the five or ten page manual that came with it, is just simply not capable of protecting your valuable information. (Our equipment operating manuals and supporting documentation and our training materials take up several shelves on several large book cases.)

The bad guys have a lot of advantages. They have an extensive “tool box” to work from. They choose the device they want to install, they choose the location where they will install it, they determine how best to conceal it, they decide when/what hours it will operate and when it will be “silent”. The TSCM team needs to understand all of these advantages and all of these tools in order to counter them and protect your information. This is no small task.

We have been in the security business since 1971. For the past three decades we have done nothing but TSCM. It‘s more than our livelihood – it‘s our life – our passion. We are members of several professional associations and have attended numerous training courses specializing in TSCM. We would welcome the opportunity to produce evidence to this effect. Ask to see our Portfolio of Credentials.

Please remember – You are likely to be a target for electronic eavesdropping if:

  • You are considered to be in the top fifty percent of your field.
  • You are a bidder on government or other open contracts.
  • There is any likelihood of your being involved in a merger or acquisition.
  • You are involved in research and development.
  • You are involved with labor contracts.
  • You are involved in any litigation whether as plaintiff or defendant.
  • You have proprietary information from which competitors could gain advantage.

There are a few professions with which you do not want to “cut corners” or hire “on the cheap”. Among them are Brain Surgeons, Parachute Riggers, Airline Captains and TSCM Providers. With all of these you will never know if you have gotten your money‘s worth until it‘s too late.

Below are a few examples of some typical eavesdropping devices. Some are simple – even crude – others are highly sophisticated - all are extremely dangerous to the safety and security of your valuable information. Some of these devices were manufactured in the U.S.A. Most, however, came here from Korea, Japan, Germany, Israel, Russia and other countries. (These devices, now rendered inoperative, are used only for training purposes.) They are out there and it‘s our job to find them. With over a quarter of a million dollars in state-of-the-art technical equipment and highly trained and experienced technicians, we are ready to protect your information. We bring the very best to the test.

example eavesdropping devices
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