A summary of work to be performed during a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Inspection.

The following paragraphs describe just some of the major tests and inspections that will be performed during the Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) inspection of your facility and, in general, the methods that will be used to perform the service.

  1. A Threat Assessment will be conducted to determine the types of threats likely to be posed, the various means by which these attacks might be carried out, and all areas which might represent likely points of attack.
  2. The Major Inspection Procedures will be conducted in all areas so designated by the client. The inspections will be conducted in the following manner:
    1. All areas will be tested for locally originating illegal Radio Frequency Transmissions. These tests will be performed using Countermeasures Receivers, Radio Frequency Spectrum Analyzers, R.F. Trace Analysis and Mapping Equipment. All received signals will be inspected on a video display screen and interrogated on the audio portion of the receivers. The R.F. Spectrum will be inspected between 50 KHz (Fifty thousand cycles per second) and 24 GHz (Twenty four billion cycles per second). A computer display of any disclosed anomaly and the related data will be logged as a permanent record.
    2. Carrier Current (VLF) Analysis Equipment will be used to test all electrical power lines as well as all other target area wiring for concealed transmitting devices which would use the power lines or other wiring as a transmission medium and/or power source. The VLF Spectrum will be analyzed between 50 KHz and 150 MHz (150 million cycles per second).

    3. All loose and extraneous wiring will be tested for concealed microphone connections using Line Driver/Amplifiers and Wire Tracing Equipment to identify and locate any remote “listening post”, transmitter or recorder to which a microphone might be connected.
    4. All floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, bookshelves and fixtures will be inspected using Non-Linear Junction Detectors which will locate concealed transmitters, tape recorders, amplifiers, cameras and microphones, even if they are turned off or otherwise inactive or inoperative. Snake Video Cameras and Portable X-Ray Equipment will be used as necessary to qualify any “hits” from the Non-Linear Junction Detectors. The use of Snake Cameras and X-Ray Equipment allows us to positively qualify any suspicious items while using “non-destructive” methods and leaving nothing to chance.
    5. A thorough Physical Search will be conducted by removing switch plates, outlet covers, telephone connector covers and all other access covers. All furniture, floors, walls, ceilings and areas above ceilings will be inspected. Long and Short Wave Ultra-Violet Lights will be used to inspect walls, trim and painted and finished surfaces for pin holes, small protuberances or fluorescence which may indicate the concealment of eavesdropping devices or wires.
    6. All telephones will be disassembled and visually inspected. All telephones will be tested using Electronic Telephone Analyzers and other related equipment to determine the existence of and to identify any additions or modifications to the telephone instrument. Frangible Security Seals will be fixed to the underside of all telephones to indicate future tampering.
    7. A telephone line analysis will be performed on the telephone trunk lines using Time Domain Reflectometers, Frequency Domain Reflectometers and Line Balance Test Equipment. Analysis will be made of the appropriate line displays on the Time Domain Reflectometers from the frame room outward toward the Telephone Company Central Office and inward through the facility telephone system. Any anomaly representing a change of impedance will be displayed on the video screen of the Time Domain Reflectometers along with its exact distance from the point of test. A computer display of any disclosed anomaly and the related data will be logged as a permanent record.
    8. Infrared Sensitive Optical Devices will be used inside as well as outside the facility to ascertain the presence of modulated infrared (invisible to the naked eye) light sources which could be used to transmit voice and/or data information to an infrared demodulating receiver located away from building.
    9. High Gain Acoustical Amplifiers will be used to perform acoustical leakage tests on doors, walls, frames, air ducts, etc. to determine if audible information might be transmitted through these media.

These are only a representative summary of the Tests and Inspections performed during our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Survey. Other tests may be used as well, depending on the Threat Assessment and the Facility Architecture.

  1. Observations and Recommendations:

    Our After Action Report will include a section in which we will describe, in detail, our observations made during the inspection service along with our recommendations as to how the security of your facility might be enhanced.
  2. The number of technicians assigned to the job will be determined by the scope of the work involved. This will vary between a minimum of two technicians and six, or more, as needed to successfully complete the operation in a timely manner.
  3. The length of time required to complete the service will, again, be determined by the scope of the work as well as the complexity of the work environment. We will give you our best estimate as to the time required but it will only be an estimate. As the work progresses our tests may reveal anomalies that require additional testing or we may be led to other areas of the facility in our search procedures. It is our intent, and our policy, to follow every lead and to verify the legitimacy, or illegitimacy, of every suspicious item. Regardless of any additional time involved the quoted price will not change. The price quoted is a “not to exceed price”. It will only be changed if the scope of the work is increased by the client.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions that you may have regarding our services or our prices. However, please contact us from a telephone outside of any possible target area: 703-281-7400, Toll Free 877-425-NOVA.

Avalon Corporation and Nova Technical Services have been in the security business since 1971. We are licensed and fully insured.

Nova is a Veteran Owned Small Business, certified to perform TSCM Services for the U.S. Government.

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