Corporate Capabilities Statement

Avalon Corporation/Nova Technical Services is a Veteran Owned Small Business.

We provide Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Services (TSCM) locally, in the Washington, DC area as well as nationally and internationally.








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We are registered with ORCA.

Nova Technical Services is a Veteran Owned Small Business providing TSCM Services to Government, Business, Industry, and Individuals.

Past Performance: Nova has been in business since 1971 and has performed TSCM Services for Fortune 500 Companies, Major Financial Institutions, National Political Leaders, International Trade Organizations, Major Law Firms, U.S. Military Installations, Prominent Political Parties, Advanced Technology Companies, Foreign Consular Offices and Professional Lobbyists among others.

Nova is based in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area and has worked for clients throughout CONUS as well as in Zurich, Moscow, Frankfurt, St. Petersburg and Riyadh. Due to confidentiality requirements of our security clients we are unable to publish the names of specific clients; however, we would be able to furnish professional referrals from some of our clients upon individual requests.

With over a quarter of a million dollars in field transportable, laboratory grade equipment we are one of the best equipped TSCM Teams in the country. Our technical personnel are among the best trained and most experienced in the security industry. All of our personnel have been extensively screened and fully background checked in order to assure the highest degree of protection for your valuable information.

We are proud to be members of the following professional associations:

AFIO Association of Former Intelligence Officers
ASIS American Society for Industrial Security
AOC Electronic Warfare & Information Operations Association
ACFE American College of Forensic Examiners
FCIA Federal Criminal Investigators Association
ISSA Information Systems Security Association
NMIA National Military Intelligence Association
PISA Professional Investigators and Security Association
SCIP Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals

We are also members of InfraGard, a collaboration of Federal Government and Private Enterprises dedicated to the protection of our critical National Infrastructure from both physical and cyber threats. InfraGard is operated and administered through the offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Nova has been in business for over thirty-eight years.

We are a Veteran Owned Small Business.

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